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    How to Use E-Scooters Safely?

    How to Use E-Scooters Safely?

    The latest data shows that injuries as a result of e-scooters are increasing in UK.we believe there are a multitude of reasons for those injuries but we will discuss few of them in this article .

    How to Use E-Scooters Safely?

    Reason 1 

    Electric scooters have their recent history as kick scooters, made famous by the brand Razor in the early 2000’s. For 20 years we have ridden kick scooters as a toy, and all-of-a-sudden we see one on the street, not realizing these new devices are more akin with a motorcycle than the toy we used to know.

    How to Use E-Scooters Safely?

    Unfortunately, it takes time to retrain our emotional memories. Thinking of an object as a toy, rather than a commuting vehicle leads to more unsafe riding behavior and hence, more injuries.


    Reason 2

    It is still not a legal requirement to use safety equipment when riding a e-scooter.The lack of a legal requirement to wear protective clothing when operating an e-scooter will leave the public unprepared for the significant risk of injury to both themselves and others, which could in turn lead riders to use the e-scooters in a reckless manner.

    How to Use E-Scooters Safely?


    we should use this as a commuting vehicle, which we primarily think of as a commuting vehicle rather than a toy. Furthermore, bicycles have been popular in our culture longer, which means our society has had more time to educate the public on the need for riding safe, having proper lighting, and wearing a helmet.

    In order to best protect both yourself and other vulnerable road users when using an e-scooter, ensure that you always:

    • wear protective clothing such as a safety helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.
    • wear light colors or fluorescent clothing so other road users can see you.
    • be aware of your surroundings and do not move at speed when passing other pedestrians.
    • never ride an e-scooter on the pavement.

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