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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders


    Since our founding, AOVO M365 Pro has been dedicated to producing safe, affordable and quality products for our customers. We continue making this our top priority and act proactively to ensure that our users have real-time, comprehensive information regarding our products.

    We have received limited reports in relation to potential safety issues associated with the AOVO Pro  M365 Electric Scooter. Upon investigation, it appears that when not used in accordance with the Safety Reminder and Instructions in the user manual, or when subject to force, eScooter manufactured with aluminium alloy hooks in the folding apparatus, may have the potential to fail and without appropriate maintenance, may cause a fall hazard to the rider.

    We are launching a Safety Campaign to alert all customers. Specifically, we are publishing a Safety

    Safety Notice

    When the AOVO Pro M365 Electric Scooter is subject to overloading such as two people riding the scooter at any one time or subject to high impact movements, the aluminium alloy hook in the folding apparatus may weaken. Without appropriate maintenance, the aluminium alloy hook may fail during subsequent use which may lead the vertical component to fold into the main body while in use.

    We ask all our customers to regularly check their scooter before using their AOVO Pro M365 Electric Scooters and make sure they follow manufacturer safety guidance and regular checks should be carried out as per manufacturer guidance and below mentioned PIN is securely in place . 

    The folding apparatus is shown in the image below.




    Electric Scooters are not to be used on public roads, Cycle lanes or footpaths. It is the Customers complete responsibility to ensure that their E Scooter is used in accordance with all local and country laws. The customer when purchasing through AOVO eScooter UK Trading Name of YAM Communication LTD accepts and assumes all risk and liability associated to the use of an E Scooter and/or any other products purchased from AOVO eScooter UK. The customer accepts full responsibility and waivers their rights to hold AOVO eScooter UK Trading Name of YAM Communication LTD or its owners from any liability caused in association, directly or indirectly with their use unless due to the negligence of the company or a defective product.  Electric Scooters are not for the use of anyone under the age of 18.