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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    Your Guide to Buying an Electric Scooter

    I am buying Scooter to get me around easily 


    Your scooter needs to be ready and raring to go whenever life calls. What’s the use in a scooter if it can’t get you from A to B without running out of juice? A bigger battery range means you can travel greater distances between charges and you don’t have to worry about remembering to put it on charge every night. 

    In our experience, a scooter with a range of 25-30km is perfect for most daily riders, this will allow you to travel an average distance of 15 miles before needing to find a plug – now that’s convenient!



    You’re going to need a scooter that’s practical for day-to-day life or in other words, easy to carry, store and fold. The size of the scooter when it’s folded will determine whether you can carry it with one hand, fit it in the car boot or tuck it neatly under your desk. 

     We recommend you look for an electric scooter with folded dimensions that range up to 113 x 46 x 50cm (LxWxH)

    Most scooters with a reasonable range (15 miles) weigh over 11kg. We recommend that 12.5kg should handle easily for most people. Anything above 13kg may be difficult to carry longer distances. 



    People often make the mistake of thinking speed is the single most important feature in a scooter. However, unless you’re a real adrenaline junkie, in the interest of safety and what’s really necessary for day to day use, we believe that 15mph is more than adequate – trust us, 15mph feels an awful lot faster on a scooter than it does in a car!  

    We haven’t featured speed as an important factor here because all the electric scooters in our range travel up to a minimum of 12-15mph and will comfortably turn a long walk into a few minutes ride. 

    I am buying Scooter for fun

    OK ! you’re looking for the best bit of cutting-edge tech to play with. A fast and agile electric scooter designed specifically for fun needs to deliver on excitement and thrill factor to make sure you arrive smiling. Here are the 3 most important features you need to consider when choosing an electric scooter:

    Top Speed

    If you really want to feel the wind in your cheeks, we strongly recommend you consider an upgraded model. These start at 18mph and range all the way to a hair-raising 40mph. 


    It’s important to bear in mind that faster scooters require bigger batteries and more powerful motors which are generally more expensive, however in our experience you really do get what you pay for in terms of performance. A motor power of 300 watts is an adequate starting point and we recommend you power up accordingly from there. We do not recommend anything under 300W for areas with steeper hills. 

    Still have in doubt why not drop us an email at info@aovoescooter.co.uk and we happy to give tailored advice .