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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    Aovo ES Max Tyre Solid Tyre

    options: Front Tyre v1
    by AOVO
    Save up to £41.00 Save £15.00
    Original price £39.99
    Original price £39.99 - Original price £85.99
    Original price £39.99
    Current price £24.99
    £24.99 - £49.99
    Current price £24.99

    Aovo ES Max Tyre


     Perfect replacement for v1 or v2 ES Max 

    please check your scooter below and choose correct option from top menu to purchase correct tyre size for you scooter 




    Improved Quality 

    This is a improved quality soild latest rubber tyre - made of high quality rubber to absorb better shock and makes the load of the motor and tire more even, and absorbs vibration.Orginal tyres are air tyre 


    Hassle Free Return and Exchange 

    We are UK based Company and operate from UK, we are proud to provide quality service at very reasonable price.We are happy to take products for returns as long as they are in their original condition .We offer printer free collection for return from your door.

    Free Advice on Fitting 

    we guarantee no one can offer this we have dedicated support to help you out with replacement .Call Our Customer Support Line 0333 7721173 or Contact us on our dedicated  Whats App Support Aovo ES Max Motor


    How to mount solid tires more easily? 

    • Doing this alone isn't always easy, so you might need help 2 people to help you.
    • Before installation, you need to put the solid tyre in boiling water for about 10-15 minutes to soften it. Then the tyre becomes more flexible and soft making it easier to bend and mount.
    • Cover the rim and the inside of the tire with soapy water or petroleum jelly. As a result, the solid tyre slides more easily in the rim
    • Check the direction of rotation of the tyre before mounting it. The tyre lines must face the front of the scooter. This is important as the tire's beads are there to properly drain water when driving on wet surfaces.
    • Lay the rim on the ground and place the tyre on the rim. Place the sides of the rim on the inside of the tyre. Then place both feet on the edge to prevent slipping. Slide the tyre lever between the rim and tyre until the smooth tyre slides up and seats in the rim.


    Weight : ~4 Kg

    Compatibility :Aovo ES Max

    Package Content : 1 x AOVO ES MAX Front or 1 x Aovo ES Max Rear or Both