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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    Electric Scooter Battery Repair Service

    Options: Battery Only
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    Original price £41.99 - Original price £44.99
    Original price
    £41.99 - £44.99
    Current price £41.99

    Electric Scooter Battery Repair Service

    Please Choose Correct Option From Above 

    Battery Only :

    You need to remove /re-fit battery your self - You will only be sending a battery to us.

    Scooter :

    You send a scooter to us - we will doing removal of battery and refitting 



    Constant Green LED on charger problem ?
    Scooter turn off after few miles of riding ?
    Dead Battery ?
    Scooter doesnt turn on at all ?
    Need Help Call Our Customer Support Line 0333 7721173 or Contact us on our dedicated  WhatsApp Support Electric Scooter Battery Repair Service
    aovo battery


    Repair with confidence 
    We are authorized dealer and main partner with most selling scooters in  UK, Our repair service doesn't effect your warranty and all our repairs comes with warranty 

    Quality Repair At Reasonable Price 

    Very reasonable price have your battery repair No hidden charges fixed price .

    Electric Scooter Battery Repair Service

     No More delays

    All our repairs done at UK service center and will ensure your scooter/battery get fix as quickly as possible - Our current lead time is 1-2 working days. From collection to repair and deliver back to you will take 4-5 working days .


    No Fix No Charge 

    100 % satisfaction guarantee if we cannot fix we will not charge you any penny for repair 

    Electric Scooter Battery Repair Service


    Most Commonly Asked Questions  

    Why is my scooter battery not charging ?

    With left over battery charge  try to Power ON scooter if it turns ON than issue is with input power to the scooter battery .Follow below steps to check input power to scooter.

    1) Rule out your charger by testing charger if charger LED showing green than issue is more likely with charging port or battery

    2) Check charging port visually if their is any damage to charging port , some times dust get stuck in charging port .if still No luck ?

    3) Looks like a battery issue , arrange repair with us call us on 0333 7721173

    Should I replace charging port first ?

    You can try by replacing charging port  , it can easily be done even with very little DIY skills ,we have made video for battery replacement follow same instructions to replace charging port ,It can easily be replaced by taking off 2 screws on the charging port 

    Where Can I buy replacement charging port ?

    we do sell each and every part for most selling brands, visit out spare section 

    How this repair service works ?

    Once you made a purchase , our customer services team will contact you to understand the issue with your scooter If you choose to use our collection / drop off  we will arrange this at the same time .We use 3rd party courier company for this collection/drop off .They will collect from your house and will deliver to our repair service with in 24-48 hours .

    If you choose to drop off - battery can be drop at any nearest postoffice to you 

    Once we receive your battery/scooter at our repair center one of our expert engineer will perform a health checks , Once issue identified we will repair your battery/scooter .Once repair completed battery/scooter will be return to you .

    What options I have to send a battery/Scooter for repair?

    Battery/Scooter can be drop and pick up from our repair center in Ipswich 

    Battery/Scooter can be collected/Deliver back to you address 

    Battery can be drop at any post office branch

    Please choose correct option from the above at the check out page .

    What included in shipping cost ?

    Our shipping charges includes - collection/drop off and deliver back to your address - so shipping cost covers both way shipping.

    Where is your drop off point ?

    Battery can be drop at any postoffice 

    What will happen if battery is irreparable ? 

    We have 99 % repair rate but in some cases its recommend to just replace battery due to age and condition of battery.In this case we will return your battery back to you with our detail inspection report or we will offer you to buy new battery with us and there will be no charge for repair service.For batteries we sell check our prices here 

    Do I have to pay any more if repair center advice repair is possible ?

    No , we have fix price to repair your battery which including VAT .

    How long it can take my battery to repair ?

    Our current lead time is 1-2 workings days once battery/scooter arrived at our repair center

    Will there be any warranty for this repair ?

    Yes , you will be covered under our repair warranty for 3 months in relation to same battery problem and we will do free repair in case of failure during this warranty period.

    Will this repair effect my warranty with manufacturer

    No , we are authorized dealer and repairer for most selling brands in UK .Our service doesn't effect your warranty .

    I made my mind to have this repair done but dont know how to take out battery ?

    You can contact us on 0333 7721173 we are happy to guide you or watch our video on youtube channel you take out most of the battery same way - 


    Still not confident to take your battery out ? Alternative you can send your scooter to us and we will repair your scooter including full service at our service center this will be classed as our normal repair service please contact us for specific quote for this option . 


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