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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre

    Quantity: 1 Tyre (Black)
    by AOVOUK
    Original price £16.99 - Original price £29.99
    Original price
    £16.99 - £29.99
    Current price £16.99


    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre


    Excellent Shock Resistance & Better Quality than Original Tyres

    The special honeycombs design of the scooter tire makes it equipped with excellent shock absorbers, explosion-proof and pressure resistance. It can be used in snow and rain.And can provide you with maximum security.
    This Tyre has been designed to allow flexibility. The tyre can be stretched, but it will always return to its original shape. Its buffering allows you to regain its shape based on pressure and temperature changes. Microspores with dimples also allow flexibility on the road.

    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre

    Anti-Puncture Solid Tyre

    AOVO solid tyre requires no air,no inflation,no repair,no maintenance,no piercing,no inner tube rubber tire and no need to worry about puncture.Excellent cushioning ability keep the tire firmer than a traditional pneumatic tire.


    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre

    Need to Improve load capacity on your AOVO 

    These Tyres are tested to carry more load than the original AOVO Tyres 

    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre


    Easy Installation

    It comes with crowbars to make installation easier Before you install ,we will recommend to put it in boiling water for 10 minutes to soften it.We suggest you to watch related video on YouTube. Correct installation can helps get better performance and ensure your safety during use.If you can't install them, please feel free to contact us 

    Step 1:

    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre

    Tyre is very hard to stretch - Our recommendation is to leave the tyre in boiling water for 10 mins or for 3 minutes in microwave .Once Tyre feels soft and easy to stretch move to next step 

    Step 2:

    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre

    Apply Tyre Lubricant inside the tyre  if available otherwise soapy water can be use 

    Step3 :

    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre

    Aovo Pro M365 Tyre


    If need more help with replacement call us to discuss , or there are loads of videos on the you tube 

    How to Replace Tyre


     Changing tool included 

    Each purchase comes with 1 pcs free changing tool 

    More visiblity During night 

    This options applies to only Fluorescent color 



      Perfect fit Aovo ES80 /ES60 /Go/Pro/M365 or Similar M365 Scooters selling in market  

    Package included:

    1 or 2 Tyres - Black or Fluorescent with 

    1 x Tyre Changing tool included with any purchase

    Please choose correct Option as needed


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