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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    Aovo Bottom Plate Cover ( DUAL PROTECTION)

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    Current price £16.99

    Aovo Scooter Bottom Plate Cover ( DUAL PROTECTION)

    Give Dual Protection to your scooter components with this new design 

    Features :

    High Quality Material 

    Dual plates are included , both plates are made of high quality material .More firm, durable and long lasting material 

    Top plate made of 304 stainless steel to effectively protect the scooter from stone and floor bumps and made to be long lasting 

    Inner plate  Made of high quality ABC and PC material 

    Easy to Replace Existing one 

    Any person even with very little DIY skills can fit this.Easy 3 steps 

    Still in doubt & Need Help Call Our Customer Support Line 0333 7721173 or Contact us on our dedicated  WhatsApp Support 




    100% Protection & Perfect Fit to AOVO scooter 

    Full protection to your scooter components from floor bumps ,extra water protection  


    All In One 

    Comes with complete set needed to replace existing plate . 

    2 Plates , Inner & top plates with 17 high quality screws 

    Inner plate made of plastic to protect your scooter component 

    Outer plate made of high quality steel to protect scooter from outer conditions 


    Ew6, Es60 AOVO Pro M365 ,AOVO Go and fit to most eScooters - If buying for any other brand than AOVO please contact us to avoid any disappointment .

    Package Content 

    1 x Inner Plastic Plate 

    1 x exterior steal plate 

    17 x fixing screws 


     We are authorized dealer and main partner of AOVO in UK

    All Our Products are 100 % genuine and fully covered under AOVO warranty

    avoid all the hassle

    No more dealing with people abroad 

    Your warranty will be covered & supported by us  

     Most electric scooters have to be sent away to be repaired, which can take months. For peace of mind, choose a seller with service centers in UK.

     No More delays

    We will take care of scooter in our UK service center and will sure you are back on road as quickly as possible for us 

    AOVO eScooter UK is UK based company ,have office address registered in Colchester Essex with warehouse and service center in Ipswich Suffolk

    Legit & Trustworthy 

    We are registered busniess in UK 

    Company No 13213333



    UK based technical support center 

    We are more than happy to provide any support or advice needed for your electric scooter to our people in UK 

    Support is just one call away 

    Call Now 0333 7721173

    We Guarantee no one else can offer you this service 

    We take care of our customers and make sure their experience with us is easy and convenient

    We always go little bit further than others 

    Huge discount on any future service and repair booked with us 

    We try our best to deliver your order as quickly as possible , Most of our stock is in UK warehouse 

    we are continuously working to improve our delivery time with our partner courier &  logistics team 

    Quality service at reasonable price 

    we can deliver most of our items with next day delivery and keeping our price low as possible 

    Our story
    2 Years Of Excellence 

    December 2019
    We introduced  first AOVO electric scooter on our eBay store. 

    March 2020
    We realized that e-scooters provide a convenient, affordable and fun way of commuting as well as reduce our environmental impact. We decided to help transform the commuting habits of our communities and partnered with AOVO manufacturer 

    January 2021

    Signed a reseller and distributor agreement with AOVO manufacturer 

    June 2021 

    Electric scooters need proper maintenance and care and there was a huge gap in market to provide quality service to our people in UK .After our customers demands and feedback We opened our first service center in Ipswich Suffolk.


    AOVO eScooter UK sources and manufactures thoroughly tested products to ensure perfect fit, safety, and longevity. We are continuously improving our current products by listening to our customers' needs and feedback.


    We are passionate about electric transport technologies that improve lives and reduce global air pollution. Our brand is here to help everyone enjoy the ride to the fullest, just like we do.

    Proud to bring quality products to UK, at the best & very reasonable prices, our support team is always there for you, wherever you are.
    we will never let you down 

    Need help ? Call us Now 
    Or Contact us on Facebook messenger or drop us an email at info@aovoescooter.co.uk