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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day Delivery
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day Delivery

    Aovo Steering Bearing Fork Roller

    Options: Roller Only
    Original price $11.00 - Original price $13.00
    Original price
    $11.00 - $13.00
    Current price $11.00

    Aovo Scooter steering bearing roller roller ( Upper )

    This roller control and restrict left and right turns of scooter 


    Improved quality 

    Made of high quality metal material, it is sturdy and durable, easy to install and connect.

    Aovo Steering Bearing Roller

    100 % Genuine roller 

    Genuine roller perfect fit for AOVO M365 PRO Scooter or Go Model

    Aovo Steering Bearing Roller

    Complete set

    Roller comes with bottom roller /Top roller and fixing screw to replace the existing one. If you need any help with replacement feel free to contact our customer support team

    Colour : Genuine AOVO Black  

    Package :

    1 x Roller piece


    Complete set 1 bottom roller , 1 top roller and fixing screw

    Compatible with models: Ew6, Es60 AOVO Pro M365 /Go  scooter