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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    Cable Organizer for AOVO Scooter

    Options: Tie buckle
    Color: Red
    Original price £1.99 - Original price £5.50
    Original price
    £1.99 - £5.50
    Current price £1.99
    Cable Organizers for AOVO Scooter


    Features :

    High Quality

    brake spiral pipe is made of high quality material, very environmentally friendly and wear-resistant, with high elasticity and stretch, and the material is non-toxic and tasteless, which can be used for a long time and is not easy to be damaged.

    spiral tube is only 8mm thick and has a very moderate thickness. Too thin tube can not play a role of protection, too thick is hard to winding. We have perfect quality easy to manage 


    Cable Organizer for AOVO Scooter

    Tie Buckle Made of alloy material, the cable tie buckle features strong hardness, sturdy and light, durable and practical.

    Cable Organizer for AOVO Scooter

    360° Full Protection

    This spiral tube can be cut freely according to the use requirements, and can be connected seamlessly, 360 ° full wrap, spiral pipe and wire can be perfectly matched.

    Cable Organizer for AOVO Scooter

    Perfectly protect your scooter visible wires 

    Spiral tube can protect the wires of the scooter. It can be used on all visible wires of the scooter. It protects the wires of the scooter prevents dusts, physicals damge,etc.,and allows the wires to last longer

    Simple to Install

    Cable Organizer for AOVO Scooter

    Fit for all eScooters or Bikes 

    This brake pipe spiral tube is not only suitable for Aovo Scooters -can be use with any other brands or bikes etc...


    Cable Organizer for AOVO Scooter



    Purchase Options

    Complete set includes 1 x Tie Buckle and 1x Spiral Tube Cable ( 1 Meter ) 


    Each Part can be purchased separately - Make sure you select correct option as needed 

     Color :

    Black or Red 

    Money Back guarantee  :
    All our product are as described , we offer 100% money back guarantee if product is not as described
    Cable Organizer for AOVO Scooter
    Our story
    2 Years Of Excellence 

    December 2019
    We introduced  first AOVO electric scooter on our eBay store. 

    March 2020
    We realized that e-scooters provide a convenient, affordable and fun way of commuting as well as reduce our environmental impact. We decided to help transform the commuting habits of our communities and partnered with AOVO manufacturer 

    January 2021

    Signed a reseller and distributor agreement with AOVO manufacturer 

    June 2021 

    Electric scooters need proper maintenance and care and there was a huge gap in market to provide quality service to our people in UK .After our customers demands and feedback We opened our first service center in Ipswich Suffolk.


    AOVO eScooter UK sources and manufactures thoroughly tested products to ensure perfect fit, safety, and longevity. We are continuously improving our current products by listening to our customers' needs and feedback.


    We are passionate about electric transport technologies that improve lives and reduce global air pollution. Our brand is here to help everyone enjoy the ride to the fullest, just like we do.

    Proud to bring quality products to UK, at the best & very reasonable prices, our support team is always there for you, wherever you are.
    we will never let you down 

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    Cable Organizer for AOVO Scooter