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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    kugoo m4 /m4 pro brake pads

    Options: Resin Version
    by AOVOUK
    Save up to £2.00 Save £2.00
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    Original price £4.99
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    Current price £2.99

    kugoo m4 /m4 pro brake pads

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    Features :

    100% Genuine

    Perfect fit for kugoo m4 pro scooter

    High Quality 

    Both version of brake pads are made of high quality material 


    choosing the right type of brake pads (or the best mix of pads) can make a big difference in your ride. So don’t be afraid to experiment — and consider keeping a set of both types on hand so you can easily adapt to specific riding conditions but here is difference in brake pads for you to choose ang deciding which type of pad is right for you comes down to personal preference.

    Metal Version

    Metal brake pads, meanwhile, are sometimes called metallic or sintered.Metal pads last far longer in rainy and wet conditions than their resin counterparts. You'll end up saving money throughout the season with metal brake pads because you won't need to replace your brake pads every few rides like you would with resin but they are more noisy when braking.

    if you’re riding on smooth pavement where traction is typically less of an issue, metal brake pads will likely work just fine — and won’t wear out as fast .

    Resin Version

    Resin brake pads - also referred to as organic or semi-metallic pads - are made from a mix of fibers held together by resin. Typically, those materials are softer than their metal counterparts, which usually means they are quieter when braking but worn out quicker.

    kugoo scooter comes with resin one fitted but why not try metal version on your next replacement .


    Perfect Fit
    This brake pads are perfect fit for kugoo m4 /m4 pro 
    Package Content :
    2 x Brake pads ( 1 pair )
    Compatibility : kugoo kirin /M4 /M4 pro or similar like Zero 9 Scooter