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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

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    Original price £309.99
    Original price £309.99 - Original price £309.99
    Original price £309.99
    Current price £269.99
    £269.99 - £269.99
    Current price £269.99

    Introducing affordable , Improved and strong built PRO Electric Scooter

    Affordable            Great features       Long range distance     

    Advanced braking System     Improved Quality

    This Pro v2 eScooter comes with 1 year warranty

    The new Pro electric scooter is designed for everyday journeys in all conditions. With huge 10.4  ah battery making it to be 30-40 km range, class-leading waterproof chassis and 8.5” puncture-proof tyres. The v2 PRO is built to take a 120kg load with Advanced technology  and has brush less 350W motor makes it go up to 30 KM/H, three-speed motor means you’re free to explore wherever you want and have full control over the scooter


    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter


    Always Buy From UK based company

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter


    v2 Electric scooter has been upgraded with latest folding mechanism to provide much more stability and less shaking on the road ,made with consideration of easy folding and 

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter



    From users feedback display has improved on this scooter and made it more user friendly  , It has High definition screen.LED Display screen help you keep track of everything you need while riding. Check the battery level or your speed, in a quick glance.Display also features if any issue to the scooter reminding rider if scooter needs maintenance.Simply control your scooter with one button !

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter 

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter



    Designed with UK weather in mind ,  Scooter has passed IP54 test , has Waterproof coating on the surface of the controller making it long life - Latest sine wave motherboard with enclosed in metal cover for extra protection 

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter



    Pair your Pro v2 Electric scooter via Bluetooth and connect to the App available on google play or app store  to check your ride statistics on your smartphone. The APP indicates your ride mode, current speed, and remaining battery power in real-time
    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter
    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter
    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter


    This scooter has improved LED lights comes with ULTRA LIGHT LEDs which generates more light than normal LEDs. Brighter LEDs can reach up to 5 Meter Much better road visibility during night making it much more safer for you as well as other road users

    Scooter also has high quality reflector installed for your and others safety and rider can be seen from good distance 

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter



    Comes with latest battery has A+ rating no more battery failure .The battery has a capacity of 10.4Ah and can be charged and discharged 400 times in cycles.Your safety is important battery has a very advanced protection system which protects it against common issues with lithium batteries.

    Improved lithium cells making to be stable performance in any weather condition and providing maximum output even in cold weather
    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter
    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter


    v2 Pro Electric Scooter comes with spare to have stronger and long lasting support for mudguard ,its rider choice to have it install or not but we will strongly recommend to have this installed

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter


    v2 Pro Electric Scooter features a powerful smart adaptive front wheel brushless motor which switches from 350w and goes up to a max of 500w to deliver that extra boost when needed, rendering even the toughest of uphill climbs whilst maintaining overall battery life.

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter


    v2 Pro Scooter built to safely carry a large 120kg /19st maximum load (including rider and luggage), enviable sturdiness, build quality and safety to your ride. A reinforced chassis and a large, grippy deck provides great strength and underfoot stability.

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter


    New folding mechanism made it so easy to carry - 3 seconds folding only . its weight making it be easily portable Can be folded with with one step in seconds , Carry it on public transport , store it in your car.

     AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter




    Dual Braking System provides extra safe and super smooth braking

    Front electric ABS and rear disk brakes 

    Frame is made of ultra lightweight aviation grade aluminium alloy

    Super loud metal bell outputs up to decibels of audible sound

    Smart Locking System enables and disables the scooter

     shock absorbent and puncture-proof tires

    Anti-skid and weatherproof tires with super cool alloy

    Shock spring shock proof 


    Cannot afford , why not choose pay in installments with 0% interest at check out  

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

    No fee and 0% Interest Rate on all scooters



    Getting spares and repair is always be tough when buying scooters from online sellers specially companies selling from abroad but you dont need to worry This scooter is fully supported by AOVOeScooter UK , all spares and repair service will be provided by us 

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

     Spares and repair service is supported by AOVO eScooter UK





    Model : T365 Pro v2 Electric Scooter 

    Long last Lithium Battery: 36V 10.4 A+ Quality lithium battery

    Tyre: 8.5 inches and Anti-skid solid tyre

    Rubber tyre shock absorption, no inflation, no puncture, comfortable and safe

    Max Speed: 30KM/H ( can go higher than that but we dont recommend due to approved speed for this in UK ) 

    Frame Material : Aluminium Alloy

    Brake : Electronic Brake + disc Brake

    Double brake, front electric brake and rear disc brake 

    Lighting: ultra high LED

    Shock Absorption : Tyre shock absorption

    Charging Period: 6-8 hrs ( 10.4 ah)

    Max Distance : 120KG 30-40 KM

    Speed mode: 3 speed level 

    App compatibility : Apple and Android Smart Phones

    Single package size: 113X16X54 cm
    Single gross weight :15.000 kg

    Package Content

     1 x Electric Scooter

    1 x Scooter Charger

    1 x Mudguard Support

    1 x User Manual

    1 x Tool Kit ( ( Ready to use will take less than 5 minutes to assemble )



    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

     We are authorized dealer and main partner of AOVO in UK 

    All Our Products are 100 % genuine and fully covered under AOVO warranty

    avoid all the hassle

    No more dealing with people abroad 

    Your warranty will be covered & supported by us  

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

     Most electric scooters have to be sent away to be repaired, which can take months. For peace of mind, choose a seller with service centers in UK.

     No More delays

    We will take care of scooter in our UK service center and will sure you are back on road as quickly as possible for us 

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

    AOVO eScooter UK is UK based company ,have office address registered in Colchester Essex with warehouse and service center in Ipswich Suffolk

    Legit & Trustworthy 

    We are registered business in UK 

    Company No 13213333



    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

    UK based technical support center 

    We are more than happy to provide any support or advice needed for your electric scooter to our people in UK 

    Support is just one call away 

    Call Now 0333 7721173

    We Guarantee no one else can offer you this service 

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

    We take care of our customers and make sure their experience with us is easy and convenient

    We always go little bit further than others 

    Huge discount on any future service and repair booked with us 

    AovoFix Pro v2 Electric Scooter

    We try our best to deliver your order as quickly as possible , Most of our stock is in UK warehouse 

    we are continuously working to improve our delivery time with our partner courier &  logistics team 

    Quality service at reasonable price 

    we can deliver most of our items with next day delivery and keeping our price low as possible 



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