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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    M365 Electric Scooter Battery ( XT30)

    by AOVOUK
    Save £34.00 Save £34.00
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    Original price £129.99
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    Current price £95.99

    M365 Electric Scooter battery

    Boost your M365 electric Scooter with this Latest version high-quality Lithium battery.High Quality Battery, Designed with premium cells to ensure maximum safety and long life, this replacement battery with 10.4Ah capacity 

    Electric scooter not charging and has constant green Led on the charger ? Or turn off after few miles  mostly commonly its an indication of battery failure 


    If not sure about fittings or need advice or Need Help with replacement Call Our Customer Support Line 0333 7721173 or Contact us on our dedicated  WhatsApp Support M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30) 


    Latest BMS equipped battery

    Most commonly battery fails due to abnormal temperature/short circuit/under voltage automatic sleep/over current/double over charge/double over discharge .   

    This new battery equipped with advanced Battery management system making it to be proof from most common problems 

    M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)


    Screw Fitting

    This battery has screw fixings from all corners to secure battery properly to the scooter.Please make sure your scooter has holes for the screws . perfect fit on any generic M365 electric scooters selling in a market . If you need any advice contact our customer services before making purchase .


     M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)

    Maximum Performance 

    Improved lithium cells making to be stable performance in any weather condition and providing maximum output even in cold weather - we have done stress test on battery in UK weather see report below :

    M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)
    M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)
    Perfect fit for most Generic M365 Electric Scooters  

    Either you looking to replace your existing electric scooter battery or wants to upgrade and boost power on your scooter . This battery can fit on most of the electric scooters in a market , please make sure connection type matches before making any purchase Or for an advice  contact our Customer Support Line 0333 7721173 or Contact us on our dedicated  WhatsApp Support M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30) 

    M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)
    M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)

    Trade in your old battery 

    Recycling batteries keeps heavy metals out of landfills and the air which can contaminate the environment when batteries are improperly disposed off.Recycling saves resources because recovered plastic and metals can be used to make new batteries

    M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)

    With You recycle We Reward scheme We'll refund you 10% on your purchase as soon we receive your old battery .You dont even need to worry about sending your old battery back to us we will take all the shipping cost and you can drop to one of the drop off point at your convenience.   

    If you want to be part of this scheme Please contact us to find more contact us  or call our customer support line 0333 7721173 or contact us on our dedicated  whatsApp support M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)


    Finance options
    Battery is expensive for electric scooter but we look after our customers ,we can understand that it can be difficult to pay that why we have made it so easy - Why not pay in 3 installments

    M365 Electric Scooter Battery (XT30)

    No fee and 0% Interest Rate 

    Warranty Void If Removed
    aovo pro scooter uk
    All batteries are inspected by our expert engineer before we send to our customers to maintain quality standard .Once Battery passed quality checks we security sealed battery with special serial number. we do reserve the right to refuse a replacement if we believes the warranty has been voided.These security tags has also been used to stop abuse of our return policy and to identify genuine products purchased from us.Please be aware identical fake products selling in market using same brand name

    Package Content 

    1 x Battery 


    36V 10.4AH 

    Compatible with models: AOVO brands/Most of the Electric scooters in market


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