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    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders
    We Offer Same Day Collection Or Next Day For Delivery Orders

    Aovo Mudguard Support 2PCS

    by aovo uk
    Original price £2.99 - Original price £2.99
    Original price
    £2.99 - £2.99
    Current price £2.99

    aovo scooter rear mudguard support broken ? Don't worry we have replacement .Need help with replacement  ?

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    100% Genuine Part with Money back Guarantee 
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    Features :

    Feed up with aovo scooter rear mudguard ? why not try AOVO uk  improved quality 

    aovo scooter rear mudguard bracket helps to extend the service life of the pedal fender, reduce the accidental stepping of the pedal and the fender, and solve the problem of the fender shaking. Let you drive with confidence

    m365 rear fender bracket is very light and can keep the fender in the correct position to avoid the possibility of the LED cable hitting the wheel

    The rear fender bracket and rear fender are made of high-density nylon material, which has strong toughness and good wear resistance, and will not change colour after long-term use

    aovo electric scooter mudguard support bracket can be installed in a short time, and the mudguard can be easily supported by the bracket

    Single screw weight: 0.02kg
    material: plastic
    Color: black, red

    Package Content :
    2 x  aovo scooter rear mudguard support / fender support 
    4 x screws

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